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House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research

Shiatsu Massages

What are the benefits of the Shiatsu Massage?

To complement the treatments, Ahú is now a certified Shiatsu therapist and in the last few years, he has been learning other forms of therapeutic massages to complement his healing practices.

Ahú explains all about this millennial Japanese therapeutic technique that means “finger pressure”.

Unblocking the body’s meridians to allow the flow of the vital energy (Chi), Shiatsu massage has a positive effect on the nervous system, the osteomuscular system, helps balance the endocrine system, enhances the immune system and it is profoundly relaxing.

How to book a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage | 1 hour

Depending on pathologies, it might be necessary to have more than one session.

Location: at home, on-demand at different venues around Ericeira, Sintra and in the south of Portugal.

Launch promo price! 35€/h
*At further locations a small fee might be added to cover for transport.