House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research


House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research

Planet Earth is healing

We believe that nothing happens by chance and that this forced pause is crucial. We spend our days more and more disconnected from planet earth and our place within it. Focused on running on a mouse wheel and being distracted of the most important things.

Our conscience as a whole is sick and we need a global reflection. This new world will open space for new forms of life and new customs that are more conscious and balanced. Let us do our inner work so that when that moment comes, we will have an open heart to embrace it.

Planet Earth has declared its state of emergency. Let’s reconnect and reflect on this change. The role of the sacred master plants in our life is increasingly more important according these recent worldwide events helping us to strengthen our relationship with life and basic principles of the whole.

We are in quarantine but available to anyone who wants to contact us right now and move forward in this reconnection.

With love, Marta, Ahu and Yachan