At "Casa del Abuelo" we offer the possibility of working with many different plants.

Strong motivation is indispensable for in-depth work with the plants. According to various factors such as availability, length of stay, existence of illnesses and purpose, a customised work program is proposed. It’s necessary to fill out a questionnaire about one’s physical and psychological state; habits and daily routines; motivation and intention to heal or learn.
Similarly, for an organised group, each person must complete the questionnaire, together with a brief note on the group’s intention and work objective. A collective program is proposed according to the itinerary and size of the group.
Sometimes “Casa del Abuelo” organizes group retreats with limited reservations, which are announced.


Plants with vomiting properties are used to deeply cleanse negative feelings and old thoughts, patterns of behaviour or additions before you start the deeper work of connecting with the plants. It is a preparation for the body, soul and spirit towards the greater work of extra-sensory communication.

Plant Baths

Plant baths comprise preparing a bath with several plants harvested by oneself. The plants can be boiled in water, or used fresh and left to marinate for some time. These baths help in spiritual and physical cleansing during the diet with Master Plants, or in curing some physical, psychological or spiritual problem.
The process of selecting and harvesting plants offers practical understanding and a better notion of the ethnobotanical diversity found in the Peruvian jungle. It also strengthens each person’s self-knowledge in terms of protection and inter-connection of their body, soul and spirit.

Master Plant Diet

The Master Plant Diet is a diet not only of limited foods, but of working with a specific plant recognised for manifesting properties of healing, connection and communication with the spirits of the plant world. Each plant has physical healing properties, such as alleviating pain in the bones, cleansing blood, strengthening blood etc., as well as holistic properties of communication and interaction with the spirit of that plant. The Master Plant Diet is a relationship that develops between the person and the plant. Like all relationships, both parties have to “want each other.” It is not automatically a “perfect fit” and when you decide to do this work you must have a firm motivation and purpose to work and relate to that plant.

Eating during a Master Plant diet is limited. All foods are cooked without salt and could be as simple as a plate of rice, quinoa or oats. In the Amazonian jungle sometimes a specific fish like the boquichico can be served (attention: fish is not allowed in all diets). The important thing during these days is the medicine extracted from the plant with which you are working.

The retreat is complemented with a few Ayahuasca sessions, which in this case play a complementary role. They help in manifesting and visualising the Master Plant’s force in our body.
A diet’s duration can vary according to availability and purpose, ie healing or learning. Being in the Amazonian jungle, we advise a minimum of eight days to strengthen each plant. However, when working with a specific group with a special intention, you can work on a smaller retreat of five days. The diet connects with the plant and aids in feeling its effects. It helps to investigate what work can be done from an awareness that the world of plants is not confined only to ayahuasca. It can be profoundly revealing and transformative, assisting the person in connecting with their greater purpose in life.


Ayahuasca is a drink prepared mainly with two plants: the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaves of chacruna (a shrub). For more specific types of work and special conditions you can add other plants like tobacco, chirisanango, toe, and more. That is only recommended for people with a vast experience and knowledge in handling the properties of plants; otherwise it can be dangerous and life-threatening.

This “Ayahuasca” drink, nowadays, has left its natural environment of origin and travels all over the world. It can be worked with in various ways and according to different traditions. In “Casa del Abuelo” we use this medicine according to the Peruvian Amazonian tradition of healing and learning, or complementing diets of other Master Plants. We organize group or individual sessions.

To apply for a retreat and determine if this therapeutic work fits your needs,
you must send us the following documents:

MOTIVATION LETTER see how to write it

Take a photo or a scan the documents and send them to