House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research


House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research

Ayahuasca Legal Context

In a concert effort with the actions of ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service), we hereby do ask all community of good willing people who acknowledge and recognize the value of the use of healing plants in Portugal for a donation.

As done in other European countries, namely in Spain, we ask for a donation to pay the fees of a Portuguese jurist and lawyer, appointed as having a vast experience in this legal and criminal field. His job shall be to study and investigate law, regarding the use of these plants in the Portuguese territory.

We do strongly believe that enriched by the joint effort of different perspectives and mentalities, and working as one, we shall be able to wide open a pioneer path in our country, regarding the conscient and responsible use of medicinal plants, in general, and the Amazon ones in particular. In the field of the traditional medicinal plants of Amazonian Indian tribes, regarding Ayahuasca in particular, although its interest is increasingly widespread, it is essential to take secure steps and walk with a confident stride.

– To all those who have already felt the force, the regeneration and transformation power of this vine from the Amazon.
– To all the ones who recognize the value of the use of this wonderful plant of traditional medicine.
– And, particularly, to all people who would like to contribute to the knowledge and clarification of the use of the healing powers of Ayahuasca in Portugal,

We have been calling and fighting for a growing atmosphere of confidence and trust! Counting on the bigger community existing in Portugal, we know that we all can do more by acting together!