House of Healing and Ethnobotanical Research

House of Healing
and Ethnobotanical

Hatun Tayta Wasi or Casa del Abuelo is a center for healing and ethnobotanical research, founded by Ahu and Marta. It has been built and named in remembrance and honor of Don Oscar, Ahu’s grandfather, who devoted his life to people and plants, bringing medicine and healing to many.

The facilities are available to those interested in healing and in deepening their connection to the natural world — some visit just to detox and dive into the pure jungle energy, some come to deepen their knowledge of plants and Amazonian medicine, while some others wish to retreat for several days, weeks, or months, to work with the Master Plants.

Hatun Tayta Wasi is also a space for local villagers to enjoy.  As modern culture pervades and invades all areas of our planet, many precious traditions and knowledge are in danger of forever disappearing. Ahu and Marta are passionate in assisting inhabitants from the nearby village of Paca Shanaya in recovering their knowledge of Amazonian culture and traditions.

Hatun Tayta Wasi offers education about plants and healing to those in need.


Ahu was born in Paca Shanaya, a tiny village in the vast sector of Loreto, deep in the Peruvian Amazon.  At home, his grandfather Oscar, the local healer, would receive people with ailments from both Paca Shanaya and the neighbouring villages. Don Oscar would collect suitable trunks of ayahuasca and chacruna leaves and cook medicine on the day of their arrival. People went to Ahu’s grandfather as one would go to a doctor or a naturopathic healer, and if he could not alleviate them or provide an answer they’d need to travel six hours by boat to the nearest hospital in Contamana.

At 14 years old, Ahu left his parents’ home to work with lumbar wood, a common career path in this part of the Amazon. It was during that time, working in the jungle and equipped with all the inherited knowledge he had received from his grandfather, that Ahu began to practice with different plant diets repeatedly, for ten months to a year at a time. It is said that when you diet true learning comes directly from the plants because you are in isolation and enter a deeper connection with them and Nature, often receiving information in your dreams. Ahu received much information and many visions and developed a deep relationship with the plants, understanding the specific gifts they had to offer.

A few years further into his twenties, in the middle of the city of Pucallpa, Ahu began taking ayahuasca more regularly with a friend, another teacher’s apprentice. By then he had understood where his heart was and where his future lay, that is, in following his grandfather’s footsteps as a bridge between the human and the plant world, whilst enabling others to access their bounty and beauty. He stopped working with lumbar and started practicing at an ecological center dedicated to Amazonian medicines, where he studied and supported others for 10 years.

That’s also where he and Marta met, setting forth their joint adventures. They began developing their healing plant diet retreat center on his grandfather’s land, thus honouring his legacy.


Marta was born in Lisbon, the city some called “European Garden by the Sea”.  She’d always felt an instinctive bond with the natural world and as an adult followed a deep calling to develop that connection. As she became aware of the wisdom teacher plants held, she journeyed to the Peruvian Amazonian jungle in July 2013 for a two months stay, where she participated in her first 12-day Ayahuasca retreat. She then travelled in an expanded state, walking for four days and four nights to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu, feeling a new profound connection with the Apus (spirits of the Andean mountains). This period marked the beginning of a major transformation and shift in her life direction, as she repeatedly received visions of her future working with healing plants.  

She soon discovered a rich new world of thousands of other medicines and plants, each with their own lessons and gifts. She began furthered her practice, learning to connect with them and through them tune in to the frequency of nature. Marta received plant medicines from several teachers knowledgeable in their properties. She eventually went on to practice alone and deepen her communications with the natural world.

In October 2014, she entered a medicine center in the Amazon to further her knowledge of the Master Plants. There she met Ahu, who cared for her and made the plant preparations for her diet. In her first ceremony there she was shown Ahu and her had a strong future together, a vision repeatedly confirmed in the following eight days of plant diet and ayahuasca ceremonies.

From her first journey and contact with the Apus of the Andes, Marta felt the irresistible calling to help more people in understanding and gaining access to these powerful plants’ knowledge and healing, along with the need to help protect them, allowing generations to come to benefit from experiencing the incredible world of plants and Amazonian traditions.

She and Ahu have embraced their common path with healing plants and their first baby son, Yachan.